1. "I’d rather be a fly in your soup"

    Heard on the radio-

    3 am

    I want to explore darkness with you.

    Is it too late for that?

    Comfortable skin can be such a burden.

    Don’t you want to take it off?


  2. "When you first saw her—beauty, the dream—the human vortex of your life—or him—did you stop, and stand in the crisp air, breathing like a tree? Did you change your life?"
    — Mary Oliver, excerpt from Blue Pastures  (via dieworten)

    (Source: fleursetcouronnes, via colorsofyesterday)


  4. Flute was my middle school mission.

    1st choir trumpet, I reigned.

    I was schooled to know:

    flutes = feminine.

    I wore boy board shorts

    & black etines.

    Neighbors made fun of me, inevitably.

    Mom made fun of

    transgender folk on Coventry.

    Gender is confusing.

    Not sure binaries 

    are ever

    a  good idea.


  5. There are two moments I keep returning to; 

    One, on your couch, under your mom’s skull head.


    Two, in the sand, singing solfege.


    Both times we were horizontal.

    A giveaway to our




    We barely spoke standing.

    What this means metaphorically,

    Not sure. Horizontal heathens~

    We suffered:

    Me, a lack of consistency.

    You, a lack of inertia.

    We would not conduct 

    a mission to outer space


    Stupid earthbound creatures. 


  6. Some days

    Are an absolute
    Mush-ball of human existence.

    A tribe from the support group
    Home-makers anonymous:

    I am searching for the perfect lamp.

    One that not only lights my room
    With supreme wattage,

    But one that glimmers:
    This is me!

    I was born a tree,
    And now I’m a lamp.

    This is me!

    I was once a dumpster-diving hooligan,
    And now I’m a minimum-wage hooligan.

    They both scream, this ain’t me,

    I’m playing pretend.


  7. "You know your cry for control is louder, wish your cry for love was stronger."
    — Frida Kahlo
  8. Cousins

    April 9th, 2014

    Nikon D3200

  9. Cityscapes

    April 9th, 2014


  10. Cousins

    April 9th, 2014

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  11. She’s a Girl Scout

    Nikon D3200

    April 9th, 2014


    April 9th 2014

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  13. I’m rooting for this one to be an artist.

    April 9th 2014

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  14. Scrappy Soldiers

    Innumerable Impostors 

    Barefoot, feeling Bountiful.

    The news is disruptive, bleak, & sad.

    Kind of like life. 

    Are you disruptive, bleak, & sad?

    News was inspiring.

    & You were inspired ~


    (That I do not remember)

    April 6th 2014

    Nikon D3200

    RE: OH! It’s a Camino